Current Scientific Advisors

 Jean Marie Robine

is a Research Director at INSERM, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research with CERMES3 in Paris and the Unit 710 in Montpellier where he heads the research team Biodemography of longevity and vitality. He is also a Study Director at the advanced school Ecole pratique des hautes études in Paris. He studies human longevity, with the aim of understanding the relations between health and longevity. Since its creation he has been the coordinator of the International Network on Health Expectancy (REVES). He is the project leader of the Joint Action European Life and Health Expectancy Information System (EHLEIS), which provides analysis of disability-free life expectancies in the European Union. He is co-responsible for the International Database on Longevity (IDL) in association with the Max Planck Institute and INED. He is the project leader of the healthy longevity project granted by AXA: the 5-COOP Project.


 France Meslé

She is a physician and demographer, Directrice de recherche at INED (National Institute for Demographic Studies in Paris). Her researches are mainly devoted to mortality and causes of death, especially long-term trends in causes of death, health crisis in Eastern Europe, and trends in mortality at old ages. She is principal investigator of two international research projects on Divergence in mortality and causes of death.
She headed INED Research Unit “Mortality, Health, Epidemiology” (2003-2008). She was Editor of Population (2013) and of the European Journal for Population (2001-2005) and in charge of INED web site (1997-2000).

She was member of the IUSSP panel on “Emerging health threats” (2000-2004) and organised a Seminar in Ouagadougou on “HIV, emergent infection and demographic changes”. She was Convener of the theme “Mortality, health, longevity” for the Busan IUSSP Conference.


Graziella Caselli

An active member of the IUSSP since 1979, she has been for several years one of the most outstanding figures in the field of population studies worldwide: for her publications, for her relentless attention and encouragement towards the younger generations, for her participation in the most outstanding demographic associations, very often in positions of responsibility, for her organizational and fund-raising capabilities, and, recently, for her editorial activity of “Genus”, one of the oldest demographic journals in the world.

Although her academic career has been centered in Rome, she has travelled all over the world, and has been a visiting fellow in several outstanding research institutes: e.g. the Institut National d’Etudes Démographiques-INED, Paris; the International Max Planck Research School for Demography, Rostock, Germany; Princeton University, USA; the Institut de Démographie, Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve, Louvain, Belgique; the Institute for Applied System Analysis-IIASA, Luxemburg, Austria; the VID-Vienna Institute of Demography, Austria.

She is currently Honorary President of the European Association for Population Studies-EAPS, after having served initially (1995-1999) as a Secretary General and Treasurer and later (2000-2003) as a President. As for the IUSSP, she has been a member of the Council (2002 – 2009), has chaired the Working Group on “Teaching Demography” (1999-2009), and has been a member of the Panel on “Adult Mortality” (1989-1993).

She is a member of the most important demographic and statistical associations, both at the international level (IUSSP, EAPS – European Association for population Studies, PAA – Population Association of America, ISI – International Statistical Institute) and at the national level (SIS – Italian Society of Statistics; SIDES – Italian Society of Historical Demography, SIEDS – Italian Society of Economics, Demography and Statistics).